$5 NRD S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Super Goku God from Dragonball Super: Broly Movie

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Expected release date is Sep 30th 2019

PRE-ORDER PRICE: $5 Non Refundable Deposit that goes towards the total of $35 shipped in the USA

International buyers will be invoiced a separate invoice amount which will be the shipping amount for outside of the USA
Pre-order and the price is GUARANTEED!
The estimated release date is : September 2019
Pre-Order Remaining balance is required within 5 business days after the item arrives in our warehouse. If you fail to pay the remaining amount you will forfeit your Non Refundable Deposit.
1. Once we say Pre-Orders are closed, THEY ARE CLOSED. If you miss out on a pre-order and you want it, the price WILL COULD DIFFERENT. Please don't miss out on these special deals
3. Cancellations on Pre orders.
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